A powerful student management platform for busy counselors

Manage your students' applications to boarding schools, undergraduate and post-graduate programs at a click of a button.

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Interactive college information
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Interactive College Information

Our proprietary shortlisting algorithm, endorsed by former-Harvard and Wharton admissions officers, recommends the best-fit colleges for your students based on their academic and extracurricular profiles. Pick the best fit ones for your students in minutes.

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Data-driven Insights

Track your student's progress, map their competitiveness, and increase student & staff engagement, all in one smooth platform. You and your students deserve more than spreadsheets and best guesses.

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Data driven insights
Effortless communication and collaboration
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Effortless Communication and Collaboration

Create tasks automatically, schedule meetings, manage documents and exchange messages. Parents wants to stay in the loop? Send them automated progress updates without lifting a finger. We integrate across your favourite platforms: Apple, Android and Wechat

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More often than not, spreadsheets end up as messy and outdated clumps of data. When one person owns a spreadsheet with knowledge that others need, a silo is created.

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Even though we use it daily, email is an outdated tool for teamwork. There’s something intrinsic about communicating with a large amount of people that’s going to be difficult.

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