Post Graduate \ MBA Consulting

We are here to help you with all that it takes to get you into the best fit graduate college for you! Juggling work and applications can get very challenging, we understand that. Don’t worry, we will help you plan and manage your application, guide you with shortlisting colleges as well as ideate and work with you on your essays. Stop worrying and let’s start prepping!

University Shortlisting

We want you to attend a college where you will thrive. You will be matched with colleges best suited for your academic interests and desired graduate experience.

Essay Ideation & Editing

Essays for post grad and MBA studies are much different than undergraduate ones. We will help identify your best experiences and qualities to highlight for your essays.

Interview Prepration

Interviews are the final hurdle in your application.  We will conduct as many mock interviews as you need in order to perfect your body language and communicating of your achievements.

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Plan & Manage Your Own College Application

In an effort to make the college application process even more enjoyable and smooth, we’ve introduced a “Companion App” that guides you, informs you and keeps you on track while you are busy with school. You can now plan and manage your own college applications. The Companion App also enables seamless collaboration with your Cialfo mentor. Worry less, do more!