Find Out What Makes A Perfect Essay!

Do you know that the common app essay is more about you - you as a person, than your achievements and academics? We've got a bunch of questions to test how well you understand the common app and the supplementary essays. Go ahead, find out what makes a perfect essay!

Common App Essay:
Select the elements you should include in your Common Application Essay
“Why” Essays:
Select the elements you should include in your “Why Essay” (e.g. Essay Question - Why do you want to study at Stanford?)
More About   Essays
Essays are the backbone of your application. They give life to your transcripts and certificates. No matter how good your grades or how perfect your test scores, if your essays fail to highlight your ‘stand out factor’ adequately, your application will get thrown into the ‘meh’ bunch. A strong essay convinces the admissions officer that you are different from the rest of the applicants and that you will bring value to the university.
Each US university has it’s own requirement and they may need you to respond to two to three essay questions unique to that university with a particular word length. There are generally three types of essays: the "you", the "why us" and the "creative" essay. It’s very important you write about yourself, showcase your best qualities and show what’s unique about you. If your grades or scores are not great, essays are your chance to outshine others and get back in the game.
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