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Effortless Student Organisation

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Interactive College Information

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Discover Insights

Interactive college information

Interactive College Information

Unlike most other shortlisting algorithms, ours is built to take into account extracurricular activities in addition to grades and scores, which make our automated recommendations highly accurate. The algorithm has been endorsed by former Harvard and Wharton admissions officers.

Other Features
Document and task management

Document and Task Management

Contextualise information, manage your timeline, and track your progress with the Task feature.

Status tracker

Status Tracker

Monitor progress of all your applicaitons, in every country - all in a beautifully colour-coded dashboard.

Super admin access

Super-admin Access

Observe progress updates and activity, and match new students to a guidance counsellor quickly and easily.

5 degree type

5 Degree Types

Help students with their applications to Boarding Schools, Undergraduate programs, Postgraduate Programs, MBA and Medicine Schools.

Meeting scheduler

Meeting Scheduler

Your students can now book meetings with you around your schedule without having to leave Cialfo.

Instant messaging

Instant Messaging

Share information without sharing personal account details with Cialfo's in-app instant messenger.

Status dashboard

Status Dashboard

Like you, your students will have access to the Cialfo Student Dashboard, whenever & where ever they need.



Broadcast message to a targeted set of students and save admin time on mass updates.

Pdf reports

PDF Reports

Generate and export smart reports of students progress to share with their guardians.

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