Your Personal College Application Companion

Plan and Manage Your own College Applications. A companion to guide you, inform you and keep you on track while you are busy with school.
Worry less, do more!

A Personalized Task List

Shortlist the colleges you will be applying to and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do, how you need to do it and by when!

Application Tips & Advice

Not sure how to go about something?! Don’t worry, we’ll guide you, give you tips and advice you on how to go about your application.

Reminders - Due Dates

Set your due dates or we’ll set them for you and we will constantly remind you about getting your college application tasks done!

In-depth College Profiles

Find out all about the colleges you want to apply to - what they look for, is aid on offer, what’s the campus life like and a lot more!

An extensive Knowledgebase

Get quick answers to all your college application questions - how to go about your essay, how to build your profile and how to shortlist your colleges!

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Plan & Manage Your Own College Application

In an effort to make the college application process even more enjoyable and smooth, we’ve introduced a “Companion App” that guides you, informs you and keeps you on track while you are busy with school. You can now plan and manage your own college applications. The Companion App also enables seamless collaboration with your Cialfo mentor. Worry less, do more!