Meet the Cialfolks!

A diverse set of passionate people from 10 countries and 25 races, uniting to realise one dream - helping one million students get into their dream universities by 2020. Cialfo is short for Citius Altius Fortius which in Latin stands for Faster Higher Stronger. That's us, Cialfo!

Who We Are

We are a team of former high school counsellors, independent education consultants and university admissions officers with one vision - to make college application management simple, efficient & accessible for students, parents and counsellors!

Having helped thousands of students ourselves, we understand how challenging it can be to deliver a great user experience, maintain constant communication with parents and students, keep up with deadlines, and stick to a high service standard. All this, while ensuring scalability and efficiency for the organization.

So we built the Cialfo platform to solve exactly that.

Meet the Chief Rainmakers
Rohan pasari
Rohan Pasari
Co-founder & CEO
Stanley chia
Stanley Chia
Co-founder & COO
William hund
William Hund
Co-founder & Head of Product
Angela noronha
Angela Noronha
Head of Customer Success & Partnerships
Swati seth
Swati Seth
Head of India Operations
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Winner of EdTechX Asia 2016

by - EdTechX Asia

Top 5 Companies to watch 2017

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